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Rookie of the Year for 2014
Presidents Circle Club 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Diamond Club 2019

Graduate Realtor® Institute

I am in the Real Estate business because I think everyone should have a home. Your home is a great source of pride. Whether you rent or own you deserve to be in a situation and location that feels right to you. My father is a builder and developer and he raised my brother and I on the jobsite. We began as the clean-up crew so I can truly say I have experienced every part of the Real Estate process. I am proud to now use my experience to help others. I like to see Buyers and sellers aligned to achieve the greatest results for all. Regardless of what side of the transaction I am on, I will manage, educate and guide.

I stand for making a difference. With each person in a real estate transaction there is an opportunity to create and build a relationship that can make a difference in both our lives. There is no greater monetary investment that a person engages than their home. A home is personal, it has meaning to those who live within its walls. It is a reflection of who you are and should be handled by someone who understands the significance.

Trina Ross Christensen was born in Columbus, Ohio and was raised here in Gainesville from age 2. After high school she attended Santa Fe College and obtained an AA in Business Administration and continued on to the University of Florida where she received a Bachelor’s in Marketing. Obtaining her real estate license in 1993 Trina became fully engaged in the real estate process, working with buyers, sellers, and builders. In 1996 she, along with her father and brother, started New Generation Home Builders, for which she served as CEO and General Manager.

Trina is an active member of the Builders Association where she has served on multiple committees. Most recently she was the chair for one of their largest events to raise money for scholarships for people entering the building industry. She has one main hobby and that is fitness. You will find her at the Gainesville Health and Fitness Center where she has been on staff for the last 32 years as a group fitness instructor.

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